Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Voting Page Has Been Fixed

Hello YELLOW voters:
As of noon today (Tuesday, November 3rd) they have finally resolved the issues with the My RONA Home voting page. The malfunction was a nationwide issue so both teams were equally effected.
We would like to thank everyone for their patience and perseverance through this inconvenience. We know that it requires a conscious commitment to vote daily and not being able to vote is quite annoying.

Please continue to vote daily for your TEAM YELLOW. We appreciate every vote and thank you, once again, for supporting both the show, itself, and our family.
For you convenience, there is a link at the top of this blog page that will take you directly to the voting page on the My RONA Home website.

PS: If you're on Facebook, please take a moment to join the Team Yellow fanpage group. Simply search groups for My RONA Home - Go Team Yellow. Through the fanpage we provide periodic updates of show related issues like this recent voting problem and fans can voice their feedback on the events of each episode.

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