Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Look at that puny TV...awwhhh... what a cop out!"

I said pardon???

As a new twist on the My RONA Home show this season, the couples got to go into each other's home at the beginning of each episode to view the work the other couple did in the previous show. On Sunday night, the Kitchen/Powder Room Episode, we started the show by going into each other's house to see what we each accomplished in the Basement the week before.

After giving, much deserved, accolades to the Blue team for a job well done in their basement family room, Nicola & I got to see and hear their thoughts on ours. Having previously heard about Vern's (Blue Team) preoccupation with television size (Any thoughts Sigmund Freud?) and his passion for football, we weren't terribly surprised at his immediate attack on our television. We, obviously, have very different priorities when it comes to the definition of a family room so we'll let it slide.

Who am I kidding... I'm a guy... I can't let it slide completely. You don't have to like my daughter's pink bedroom but you NEVER attack another man's TV. :)

So here are the, FYI, stats on the two televisions... You be the judge.

Vern (Blue): 52" SONY 120H,1080P, High Def LCD TV.

James (Yellow): 46" SAMSUNG 120H, 1080P, High Def LED TV.

Although this wasn't featured on the show, the SAMSUNG LED TV is the latest in television technology. It is about 1 inch thick and 60% more energy efficient than a LCD TV. It is offered at 240H but we went with the 120H to stay within budget.

Mounted on a wall that is 9 ft tall and 15 ft wide, without a surrounding entertainment center, any TV can appear "small". We elected to wall-mount this costly addition to our family room to keep it out of reach of children at play.

So Vern... it wasn't a "cop-out"; it's called research & foresight. I still love ya man and will gladly come over and crash on that killer sectional of yours as long as we can watch the greatest game on earth...aka HOCKEY.

If y'all think this guy debate is childish & silly, wait until Episode 9 when Vern & I measure our decks.

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